Tangible utopias
Non-human regeneration




Toraki (graduate of ENSAD)
Toraki is my ego alter, in Maureen’s skin, and these two are in fact one and only creature. This is how I feel in our world, like a creature,wild but wise, free but not so fierce towards the other inhabitants of Planet Earth. My happiness, I find it where I can see the wind dancing in the trees, where my hands, can express beyond all words, a desire, a need to understand and honor our Earth, our vast playground and fields of joys. I collect traditional techniques, simples ways, crats, bones, feathers, skins, plants, stories, beautiful pictures. Anything that sings above the ground. I transform, share, learn where the heart runs and the eyes shine. I do not know any borders or barriers other than a society that is sometimes fearfull about love and magic. Transforming becomes the rule of my game, the most exciting and challenging ! I recycle, repair, collect in anticipation of a happy marriage between two treasures.


How as a species with an endless thirst for creation, can we imagine our world with the finite resources of our physical reality? What is my place as an artist, in a world where everything goes too fast and seems disconnected from ancestral techniques ? How by learning, sharing, and searching simple crafting methods can we reclaim our creative independency ? This installation is an initiation into the Languages of engaged being. A stage play, hand made poetry creating meaningful reflexions on our local possibilities is being displayed to you as an altar. You are then presented a collection of tools, materials, shapes and treasures, honored and cherished for being a fertile ground in their ways of raising awareness on the manners we create and think to improve our society. This singular altar opens itself to all curious eyes, as an offering to a new collective Action dream in order to reinvest our shared creative environment.
Welcome to Torakiland.

Activation of Poetic Manifesto for Nature’s beauty at Villette Makerz:
with the action Sigils, Voices for Earth

This workshop is an initiation to the art of Sigils. Between personal magic, poetry of symbols and creative intentions, the actor is invited to formulate a simple text for the realization of its image. The proposed theme for the initiation and experimentatipon is: “Earth’s Voices”. The text will then be composed in the form of a sigil, inked with the natural tools offered on site. During the creation of the Sigils, simple recipes for making natural inks, as well as the production of recycled paper, will be transmitted to the group. We will use various inks and papers produced prior the exhibition, as well as recycled textiles to save time during the workshop. Each participant will be able to choose their own tracing tool by crafting their natural brushes by using out various materials made available during the workshop (plants, hair, feathers, fibers, wood ...). The purpose of this workshop is to open up the conversation around the return of Nature in our creative practices, and to explore the idea of personal magic, in a simple and poetic form of self-expression.

Toraki proposes the action
"Sigils, Voices for Earth"
the 17/04 from 15h00 to 17h30 at the Villette Makerz,
Folie L5, Parc de la Villette

Récolte de sève sur un Grass tree après les feux de forêt, Australie 2019

Tête de Rainbow Lorikeet se faisant nettoyer par les fourmis vertes

Tissage avec les branches d'un saule pleureure et fleur de protea, Australie 2018

7623 Installation pour le dépeçage d'un lapin, Nouvelle Zélande 2017

Boîte à trésors, Waiheke Nouvelle Zélande 2017

Détail d'un crâne de cerf, Nouvelle Zélande 2017

Dépeçage d'un renard sur le bord de la route, Australie 2018