30 March – 18 April


The ExpoAction "Infinite Creativity for a Finite World" that took place from March the 30th to April the 16th 2021 at the Folie n°6 of the Parc de la Villette & at the VilletteMakerzs in the framework of "100% L'Expo - Sorties d'Écoles", aims to highlight the unique capacity of design to actively engage in the co-construction of a desirable future, to seek out, reveal and enhance "common sense" through modest and sober practices whose resilience has been proven over time. More than just an exhibition, ExpoAction offers visitors the opportunity to dive into the heart of a number of ongoing actions carried out by a new generation of designers committed to the long-term development of collective creative impulses, to reveal the power of the social link. It affirms the need for a "civic design" that allows the "acting" spectator to experience and measure the daily impact of his or her actions and, above all, to enjoy the benefits of their collective resonance. Starting from socially, politically and economically vulnerable, complex and conflicting situations, co-design is able to direct and enhance the infinite creative impulse of each individual through responsible, concrete and restorative actions, which respect the fragility of the human being, of the living and the finiteness of the planet by building, or "composing"1, a sustainable relationship with the other, with time and space, with the environment and the world.

The ICCFW ExpoAction is EnsAD's fourth (and final) contribution to the European (Creative Europe) 4Cs research project (from Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture - www.4cs-conflict-conviviality.eu). The research project aims to explore how culture and creativity can be effective resources to reflect on emerging forms of conflict and to imagine creative solutions to address and resolve them. The 4Cs project aims to redefine the conceptual framework for intercultural dialogue and to assert the role of public art and design institutions in promoting collective action to foster cultural diversity and facilitate intercultural encounters. The project brings together several European art and design institutions: FCH-UCP (PT), Tensta Konsthall (SE); SAVVY Contemporary (DE); Royal College of Art (UK); Fundació Antoni Tàpies (ES); Vilnius Academy of Arts-Nida Art Colony (LT) and Museet for Samtidskunst (DK)

In his essay "The limit of human understanding", John Locke argues that in considering the infinite, humans are likely to make mistakes and this would have led them to perplexities and contradictions. This feeling of having before us the possibility of choosing among infinite possibilities has indeed been one of the major problems of the Übermensch of the 20th century, and it has led to abuses of all kinds, to alterations in our way of life, the consequences of which we are all beginning to pay. We have destroyed, drained, altered because we have forgotten our state as interdependent beings. In these difficult times, young designers feel that the times of hedonistic individualism are far behind them, that it is more necessary than ever to "give people a voice", to open up and test new methodologies of research, investigation and production that are more collaborative and inclusive, to articulate their common actions within a world whose finiteness we all now recognize. Understanding, comparing and capitalising on the differences in their forms of expression will act as a possible multiplier capable of enriching their narratives and broadening their framework of action.

The current health crisis is a new opportunity to prove the power of the community and the social link against individual vulnerability. But this unique power is still underestimated despite the number of significant grassroots initiatives that already exist, showing that our infinite creativity can also have positive aspects and lead to the improvement of our coexistence, through the development of solutions that respect human and non-human needs and expectations. It is now urgent to reveal them and to finally connect their significant points through the assumed and responsible creation, as the philosopher Franco Berardi would say, of a "molecular society based on utility". Designers are among the best specialists in utility. The territory of this "infinite utility" must be redefined, its narratives elaborated and shared, its images nurtured and nourished, its aesthetics and objects co-defined and co-developed.

Anna Bernagozzi

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